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Your Financial Planner & Thinking Partner. The Financial Voice On Your Team.

Growing up in a family involved in the investment management business, I had never envisioned myself following in the family footsteps. I have always enjoyed creative thinking and have a knack for recognizing and analyzing patterns.

Coming out of my undergraduate degree I thought the advertising industry would be the place to put both those skills to work. Very quickly, I realized I had taken a mis-step. With a desire to find something I was passionate about, I started job shadowing. This is when I found financial planning.

With a twist of fate, I was introduced to the woman who would later become my mentor, friend and boss at the firm I would start my financial career with. With a newly found passion, I went back to school to gain the hard skills needed to be a financial planner.

After completing an M.B.A. with a specialization in Finance and Securities in 2016, I joined my dream firm full time. Here I cut my teeth putting to work the hard skills I’d learned and gathered the soft skills that I believe allows a great planner to become their clients financial thinking partner.

And then... I got sick

As we all have experienced, sometimes life throws a curve ball. This curve ball came in the form of a chronic autoimmune disease, Crohn’s Disease. Diagnosed with dyslexia as a teen, I’ve always turned to hard work to overcome challenges and adversity. An abiding dedication to working as hard as I possibly could had served me well until life handed me a challenge that needed something different.

With a newfound perspective on what’s truly most important in life and the support of my family, I made a choice which feels to me the hardest choice I’ve made so far in life. To leave my position and ultimately decide to build a firm that allows me to do what I love and also support my body in the way it needs. I will be the first the tell you, I have not overcome the challenges of the disease but I continue to learn how to protect my body and pursue my passion at the same time.

We may not be able to have our cake and eat it too but by prioritizing what is most important in life, sometimes we create the opportunity to ask for another piece of cake.

My biggest supporter.

On September 7, 2019 I married my biggest supporter and the love of my life Kevin Bretthauer. We are building our life together in Hillsboro, Oregon where the Bretthauer family has lived and worked for 4 generations. 

Each day brings a new and exciting challenge as entrepreneurship is an important part of our lives. In 2015, Kevin and his sister Alex started a cloud-based fuel technology business called FuelCloud. We are fortunate enough to have a quick commute to the office where the Bretthauer family fuel distribution business and Rise Up Financial are headquartered. 

On evenings and weekends you can find us taking a walk around the neighborhood talking through business challenges and successes or cooking together in the kitchen. Our joint love of business and for each other fuels our desire to never stop learning.

We may be a one woman firm but we don't operate alone

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