Author: AnneliseBretthauer

Declutter Your Spending To Spend Less And Spark More Joy

Declutter Your Spending To Spend Less & Spark More Joy Inspired by Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method Marie Kondo does for your home what we want to do for your wallet.  Let’s declutter your spending to spend less and spark more joy! If you aren’t familiar with Marie Kondo, she is best known for her New […]

The Diet That Helps Me Work While Managing Crohn’s Disease

  Working With Chronic Disease This post is all about the diet that helps me work and manage Crohn’s Disease Different diets work for different people. Here’s the diet I’ve created for myself that helps me keep doing what I love! I am going to go out on a limb and say, most of us […]

Improve Your Finances! 5 Simple Steps to Better Your Financial Health

  This week I had the honor of writing a guest post on IBD thought leader Natalie Hayden’s blog, Lights Camera Crohn’s! Here is is. CHRONIC ILLNESS & FINANCES 5 STEPS FOR IMPROVING YOUR FINANCIAL HEALTH For most of us, the words “personal finance” feel scary. Scary in the way IBD was right after we […]

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