Declutter Your Spending To Spend Less And Spark More Joy

Declutter Your Spending To Spend Less & Spark More Joy

Inspired by Marie Kondo's KonMari Method

Marie Kondo does for your home what we want to do for your wallet.  Let’s declutter your spending to spend less and spark more joy! If you aren’t familiar with Marie Kondo, she is best known for her New York Times best selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up where she teaches her KonMari Method. 

The KonMari Method takes the approach of evaluating physical items in your home based on whether they spark joy. 

The method has you tidy up by category versus by room. For example, if you are cleaning a closet, start first with socks, then move to t-shirts, then pants and so on. 

There are 6 rules of the KonMari Method and we absolutely adore them. We want you to declutter your spending and learn to spend less and live better.

Below we’ve adjusted the KonMari 6 rules to apply to declutter your spending. 

The 6 Rules For DeCluttering Your Spending

  • Commit yourself to changing your spending habits 
  • Imagine your ideal relationship with money 
  • Leave your previous spending habits in the past 
  • Start from scratch and think about what expenses are needs and what expenses are wants
  • Write your list of needs (not wants) for each spending category
  • When you go to grab your credit card, ask yourself these three questions. 
    • Is this a need or a want?
    • Does that purchase represent my ideal relationship with money? 
    • If it’s a want, does it spark enough joy to give up a want down the road?

To declutter your spending and change your spending habits you must first change the way you view yourself with money. This takes commitment. What type of person do you want to be with your money?When you work through this process try not to dwell on the past. However you spent money in the past is the past. Going forward you can make choices that are more aligned with the person you are becoming with your money. 

Similar to the KonMari Method, the ultimate goal is to leave behind spending that lacks in adding sustainable value to your life. Visualize your future money self then start being mindful each time you are making a purchase. Does this purchase spark lasting joy? Is this purchase going to further my goals? What is the highest and best use of this money for my life? 

You’ve got this! I am here to support you declutter your spending to spend less and spark more joy. If you have financial related questions or think you might be ready to work with a financial planner, I invite you to reach out! Send me an email at

Happy decluttering!

Declutter Your Spending To Spend Less And Spark More Joy

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