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These resources range from basic to more advanced and are designed for anyone who isn't quite ready to work one on one with a planner.

Let's get started understanding your goals and objectives. It's free, why not!

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Free Courses Launching Soon!

Knowledge about personal finance should be accessible to everyone.

We have a number of courses that are live and are always working to expand our course bank. If you have an idea for a course you would find valuable, please send us an email ( or a DM on Instagram (@AnneliseBretthauer)!

Live Course Topics

  • Coming soon!

Topics We Are Working On

  • How to create a spending plan
  • How to create health and wealth goals to achieve wellness
  • How to read and understand your health insurance coverage
  • Are you ready to buy a house? 7 things you should do to prepare.
  • Six Steps to Merge Your Finances With Your Spouse Successfully
  • How to Grow Your Wealth as a High Income Young Family

A culmination of my favorites

Great Reads, Podcasts & Apps

Must Read Books

Natalie Hayden's blog is a go to for all things life with Crohn's Disease!

James Clear's book teaches us that the key to habits are systems and beliefs. Highly recommend.

The title says it all. This book teaches us to use the Design Thinking process for our life.

"Real Life, Chronically Sick." Jenni's blog is will make you laugh and make you think, yep, me too!

Great Apps to Download

The first of its kind app to help the IBD community manage their disease and create community!

Meditation can be hard but headspace makes it simple approachable

A free pain diary app. This app makes it easy to track where you are feeling pain and the intensity.

More to come

If you have an app that helps you manage your disease shoot us an email so we can add it to this list

Health Podcasts For Your Mind & Body


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Coming soon!

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