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Ongoing Financial Planning

Your money should provide you freedom and options, nourishment, fulfillment for your life.

What is comprehensive financial planning?

Ongoing comprehensive financial planning is visioning, plan design, implementation, and monitoring of all aspects of your finances. The mission is to define, create and align financial well-being with life satisfaction on your terms. 

A long-term thinking partner to proactively support you and your family in all areas of your financial life.

How does the process work?

Exploration Meeting

Visioning & Get Organized Meeting

Obstacles Meeting

Knowledge Meeting #1: Data Accuracy

Knowledge Meeting #2: The Plan

Transition to Ongoing Service Calendar & WellnessTracker

The WellnessTracker

Specific Topic focused Financial Plan

Financial Planning Projects

A personalized plan for retirement, your finances to give you peace of mind.

What is project planning?

Project planning offers customizable short-term financial support. Projects can help you prepare for a life transition, prepare for a financial transition or make plans for a financial windfall.

Project planning topics include but are not limited to:

  • Retirement Readiness
  • Sale of An Asset
  • Buying A Home
  • College Planning
  • Career Change
  • A Financial Windfall

How does the process work?

Data Gathering & Goals Meeting

Data Accuracy Meeting

The Plan Meeting

How much does it cost?

Comprehensive Ongoing Financial Planning

A long-term thinking partner for all areas of your finances.
Starting at $300 per month
  • In-depth Planning Process Built Upon Creating Wellness
  • Annual Service Calendar for Ongoing Planning
  • Unlimited Support Via Calls, Meetings & Email
  • Long-Term Thinking Partner To Proactively Support Your Family Through All Of Life's Transtions
  • Personalized Support In All Comprehensive Financial Planning Areas

Topic Focused Financial Planning Projects

A short-term engagement to help give you peace of mind.
Starting at $2,000 per project
  • 3-Meeting Process
  • Custom Financial Planning For The Topic Of Your Choice
We also offer investment management to our financial planning clients. Please inquire for details and cost.

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How can I help you achieve your goals and use your money to live more intentionally?

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